Work from Home with Kids | Victoria, TX

More of us are teleworking this spring, in light of current global events. It can be challenging to work from home with kids. Here are some tips to make this adjustment easier and more pleasant for everyone.

Communicate with your company

The most important thing to do when shifting to a remote work routine is to talk with your boss about expectations and flexibility. Let them know you will be trying to work with kids at home and they might be willing to give more flexibility in your hours or workload.

Have a flexible schedule

If you and your spouse are both working from home and have flexibility in your work hours, set a schedule that allows each of you some dedicated work time and time spent watching the kids. This could mean four hours of work for you in the morning, four hours of work for your partner in the afternoon, and you both finish up after the kids are in bed.

Plan simple activities for kids

Depending on the age of your kids, they may be able to occupy themselves without much supervision. However, if your children are younger and you still need to get some work done, try simple activities to keep them quietly engaged. Set them up with coloring pages and crayons, games on a tablet, books to read, or shows to watch.

Balance working from home with supervising your young ones when you implement these helpful strategies. And remember to call us at Atzenhoffer with any questions you have about maintaining your family’s vehicle or buying a new one.