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Although airbags were a great step forward in overall vehicular safety, there are still certain precautions you should take when using them effectively and safely. Here’s a brief guide on what you can do to maximize air bag safety.

  • Although they might protest, kids should sit in the back: The front airbags on cars are designed for teenagers and adults, and even have minimum weight limits for who should use them. All other passengers should sit in the back seat, including babies (in backward-facing child car seats), small children (in forward-facing child car seats), older children, and “any child who is below the weight limit for the front seat and belt without a booster seat, which is typically about 12 years old.” The back seats are the safest place for children to be.
  • Sit properly for airbags to be effective: Since airbags deploy at up to 200 mph, you will want to make sure you’re sitting properly in the front seat and have your seat-belt on if/when they deploy. Lap and shoulder belts should be in place, with your two feet on the ground and shoulders upright.
  • Place your seat position as far back from airbags as possible: Giving the airbags as much space to deploy as possible will increase their overall safety. If driving, try to sit back from being hunched over the dashboard and keep your hands in the “10 and 2” positions.

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