For years, people have used the GasBuddy app to find the cheapest local gas stations. Now, they will be able to use it during hurricane season to quickly find stations that still have fuel. This will be a great benefit here in Gulf region as we get into the peak of hurricane season.

Last year, before Hurricane Irma hit, 43% of Florida gas stations were out of fuel. Three days after the storm, nearly half of stations in major cities were without fuel or power. This was a big problem for people all across the state.

Now, whenever anyone uses the GasBuddy app, they will be able to use the fuel outage tracker to make sure the stations they find still have fuel and power.

Alberto Moscoso, communications director at Florida Division of Emergency Management, said, “We experienced first-hand how impactful the GasBuddy platform is. GasBuddy’s crowdsourced data not only provided people the information they needed to evacuate successfully, but also helped us make decisions on where to allocate state resources.”

To make sure the information in the app is accurate, GasBuddy adds a timestamp next to each station status report so users can make sure they have the most recent information.

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