Click It or Ticket

You’ve heard it all of your life – buckle up. However, have you always listened? For sixteen years, Texas has used the Click It or Ticket campaign to help drivers stay safe. Here’s a little about Click It or Ticket and why it’s essential to buckle up.

Click It or Ticket refers to two things – your seatbelt and the potential ticket you can get if you don’t wear it. In Texas, not wearing a seatbelt can result in a cost of up to $200 in fines and court fees.

This fine is meant to show drivers and passengers just how serious not wearing a seat belt can be. Wearing a seat belt can prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle and can increase your odds of survival up to 60% for those in trucks and 45% for those in other vehicles.

Since its inception in 2002, the Click It or Ticket campaign has saved an estimated 5,473 lives and prevented around 95,500 serious injuries. In 2002, only 76% of Texans buckled up, but thanks to sixteen years of a successful campaign, that number has grown to 92%.  You can be part of this change by always using your seatbelt and making sure every passenger in your car does, too.

From our Atzenhoffer Cadillac family to yours, don’t forget to buckle up.