Airport Traffic

The entire holiday season involves getting together with friends and family to enjoy what really matters most in life. For many,traveling to be with loved ones can be less than pleasant, though. But, with a bit of planning and preparation, there’s no reason to fear holiday travel.Follow these simple holiday travel tips and get ready for a hassle-free holiday season.

Avoid traveling on peak days

If possible, avoid traveling a couple of days before and after major holidays. Particularly, the days right before Christmas and the days before and after New Year’s Eve are often the worst for air and highway travel, as roads and airports become especially congested.

Schedule extra time

Whether you’re flying this holiday season or taking to the highway, it’s always a good idea to build extra time into your schedule. This means leaving a little bit earlier, and planning on being at the airport or on the road a bit longer than usual.

Reserve airport parking

If you’re flying home for Christmas, consider reserving parking at the airport. Especially during the busy holiday season, airport parking can quickly fill up, forcing some flyers to park further away, adding even more time to their trip.

Make use of technology

Technology is your best friend when traveling for the holidays. Apps like Waze can help you avoid surprise traffic on the road, and there are plenty of other apps that will help you find the cheapest airfare possible if flying.

All of us here at Atzenhoffer Cadillac wish you safe and happy travels this season.