Lady Driving Posture

As kids, we heard from our elders to “sit up straight” because “posture matters.” And they were right. Human bodies were never meant to sit for extended periods of times, but most of us go from spending 8 hours at school desks to spending 8 hours at work desks—and then sitting in our cars to and from work during the rush hour commute.

That means it is important to improve your driving posture to avoid back and neck pain. The best thing you can do is purchase a new Chevrolet or Cadillac at Atzenhoffer Chevrolet Cadillac, thanks to the vehicles’ ergonomically designed seating and superior leg and hip room. However, there are steps anyone can take to improve driving posture, regardless of their vehicle:

  • Get the right back support: You can do this by adjusting how you sit. You tailbone at the bottom of your spine should actually make contact with the seat. Many drivers drive with a gap there, which causes back pain.
  • Use your headrest: Adjust the headrest so that the top of the headrest lines up with the space on the back of your head just above your ears.
  • Set the proper distance and height: Get as far back from the steering wheel as you safely can and still reach the pedals. Adjust the height so that your eye level is several inches above the steering wheel.

For more tips on how to make your commute more ergonomic, speak with our staff at Atzenhoffer Chevrolet Cadillac.