Valentine's Day Breakfast

Valentine’s Day is nearly here. If you haven’t gotten your special someone a gift yet, we have some creative Valentine’s Day suggestions to help save the day.

  1. Acts of Service. Show your significant other how much you really care by taking care of some of their chores. Fold the laundry, do the dishes, make dinner, and they might never love you more.
  2. No Phones. If you have a problem constantly looking at your phone, even when someone is talking to you, make a goal to go a full day without touching your phone. Show your love that he or she is worth your attention.
  3. A Letter. Write a hand-written letter sharing your feelings. Show him or her how much you appreciate them and what you are looking forward to in your relationship.
  4. An “I Love You” Book. Bookstores and online shops sell small books with short love statements on each page. There is a blank space in each statement for you to fill in. For example, “I love how you ________ every day.”
  5. A Hobby Basket. If your special someone has a favorite hobby, pick out some tools or accessories to go with it. Put it all together in a special package.

If your special someone is a big fan of cars, we here at Atzenhoffer Chevrolet Cadillac can come up with a few ideas for them.