Cadillac Onstar

Statistics show that 42% of stolen vehicles in the United States are never recovered. With a vehicle stolen every 41 seconds, this number is daunting. Cadillac is hoping to mitigate the threat of theft by offering the OnStar® Stolen Vehicle Assistance suite of technologies.

This service works to help drivers recover their stolen vehicles. OnStar is able to utilize the following technologies to do just that:

  • Stolen Vehicle Slowdown: OnStar can assist police in recovering the vehicle by sending a signal to disable its engine. This technology will only be used after receiving proof of a filed police report and confirmation that the conditions are safe.
  • Remote Ignition Block: Once OnStar receives confirmation of a filed police report, it can send a signal to stop the stolen vehicle’s engine from being started.
  • Theft Alarm Notification: You will receive a notification from OnStar alerting you to when your vehicle’s alarm has been activated. This notification can be sent as a text message, email, or phone call.

“The need for safety and security is timeless,” said Gerard Connell, director of Sales and Marketing for OnStar. “OnStar can help members recover their vehicle quickly and safely if their vehicle is stolen.”

Thanks to the Stolen Vehicle Assistance suite, Cadillac owners will have an extra layer of safety and security, reducing the need to worry where you park your car. Visit Atzenhoffer Cadillac to learn more about how OnStar can help keep you and your vehicle safe.